Saturday, 24 January 2009

I'll be back...a bit like my BELLY!

Sorry Boo has not been able to do any new posts or read any of your blogs and I'm really missing Blogland. I haven't had access to a PC (work one is a no-no!) Hopefully normal service will resume once my PC is sorted on Friday by a lovely expert.

Decided to have a hool-a-hoop championship on my Wii the other day, good job there were no hidden cameras! My hips are now fucked! But it was worrying me that lately when I lie on my back on the sofa the ceiling seems to be getting lower. When I lie in bed I have a kind of high pitched tent erect around me. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I think I'm cuddling my girlfriend. It is in fact my BELLY I'm cuddling. My BELLY that's inching nearer toward the ceiling and my BELLY that is the central pole in mybed tent!

Yes- it's time to sort it out and de-bellify...anyone fancy a hool-a-hoop competition?! Good job it's a virtual hoop as not sure I'd get it over my BELLY!

(No... I'm not pregnant she's been wearing her gloves ha! ha! ha!!)