Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Mom Wanted A Girl..........

A girly girl.

Not a girl who at 6 kicked, screamed and flat refused to get out of the car to go to ballet and wear a peach tutu. A girl who at 9 locked herself in the bathroom, sat in a cold bath and cried her little heart out cos she didn't want to wear a green lace dress. A girl who had a "girls' world" (life sized plastic woman's head with a drawer for make-up) and liked to melt its' face with matches, cut all its' hair off and bury it in the garden!

A girl who often got called "sonny" but who hated being called sonny cos she was a girl... but not a girly girl.

I'm not transmasculine, I'm not transcending anything or transitioning I'm me Butch Boo.

You see my butchness is the very essence of who I am- of me. I was a baby butch and am now butch the elder (not too much of the elder!)

I was asked to write about what butches do. All I can write about is me... what I do is very much determined by who I am- I'm not butch because of what I do - I do what I do because I'm butch.

I'm strong- oh so strong and can beat most at an arm wrestle. My body language I'm told is butch I sit legs astride and strut. I'm the protector and very much the alpha. I'm told my take on the world is different. I sulk!

There is nothing inherently masculine about objects or clothing or activities- but I like to do and wear the things people generally consider to be "masculine".

I ride a big fuck off motorbike, I wear leathers...... I ooze prowess.

I wear aftershave not perfume, I would rather die than shop in a women's boutique. I like to fix, I like to mend, I like to hold doors open, I like to carry.
I like to be a dare devil- to take risks.

I love my ties, my suits and my army boots.

I love to pin my girlfriend down; to feel "masterful".

I hate being called sir and told I'm in the wrong loos.....I love being told I'm handsome.

My mom wanted a girl....a girly girl.

OK we don't swap make-up tips...but she does get to eye up the bloke's bottoms in their leathers when I take her to the motorbike garage!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Deer Friend in the North....

Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes?
A. No Idea!
Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes and no Legs?
A. Still no Idea!!
Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes, no Legs and is having sex?
A. Still no Fucking Idea!!!

Wish I was here.....

Instead of sitting in my office........

Best Qualities in a Butch ...Grand Results!

Well I never.....

Surprising results indeed. 28 of you voted...thanks and Boo was shocked to learn that humour was kinda low down there with only 14%

However what shocked me most was that Romance and Farting came in with a joint 7% of the vote!! That sure put the wind up me!

Voted second best quality in a butch was chivalry- yep I do like to hold those doors open for you gals!

And romping in with a whopping 53% of the vote was PROWESS! (and I'm full of really I am!) No real surprise there.

I feel bad cos the other night I was somewhat inebriated and gave a mate a massive lecture on the importance of Prowess with the ladies... they're a right nice person but I was trying to explain that nice is all well and good in a friend or a brother or a sister but most women want prowess in their suitor and the survey confirms my theory.

So despite of my drunkenness I was right!