Friday, 15 May 2009

"WORK"- it's a four letter word!

Boo's work is extremely stressful at the moment. There are a ton of politics going on combined with a load of egos which really isn't a great combination. The powers that be seem to be making judgements based on no evidence and want to severely cut our funding which will have a catastrophic effect on 100's of lives.
Over the last couple of years we've turned the service completely around - we now have an excellent outreach support service which literally helps save older vulnerable people's lives. The staff have a keen work ethic and my management team are just about the best you could ever hope to's all at risk and Boo's finding coping difficult. I feel so responsible for the service I manage, for the 25 staff and for the 350 older vulnerable older people we support.

I admit that I am a total control freak (I kind of have to be)- but having very little control about the future of the service right now is almost unbearable. I tell myself- "it's only a job", and try and pull back- but one of the main reasons why we've managed to make it something so special and of such high quality is because we have put our hearts and souls into it 100%

I know my boundaries and limit my public stress and anxieties- putting on a brave face for the others but it saddens me so- I could cry. I know I have to look after myself and pull back but I'm not finding it that easy to do.

It could go either way right now- and not knowing is fairly tormenting.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Boo's Outing...

Boo had a lovely day trip today- went to the coast (Seven Sisters Country Park) with a dear friend. The sun was scorching- so dipping my toes in the sea was bliss. Seeing the horizon and breathing the fresh sea and sun soaked air was delightful- Boo needed to as work has been mighty stressful and heavy of late.
Boo was very naughty and had a cream tea- for some of you who may not know; a cream tea is something that us English like to indulge in when on a country outing. It consists of a scone, strawberry jam, lashings of clotted cream and a pot of English tea- yum!