Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Choices....

My beautiful girlfriend gave me a box of 40 choices...think I'll cash in the "fuck you 4 times in 12 hours" when I get back from my holiday.... Yum

I'm a Prude!!

It's something I've known for quite some time and been told often...but I realised when I wrote the last post - that I just couldn't write anything rude!

Don't get me wrong I love porn, reading smut, I'm a randy fucker most of the time and there ain't nothing I wouldn't do in the bedroom, on the floor, in the car, in the park etc etc etc!!

But when it comes to me reading what friends have written about their sexual escapades I get all flustered and feel like a voyeur. It somehow feels wrong to me (just my issue) and I avoid it.

So if I refrain from commenting on certain posts please don't get me wrong it's nothing personal it's just my prudishness getting in the way!

If I don't know you ....well that's a different matter!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Best Bits of My Bird...

It's got to be her eyes...I remember when we were "just gym buddies" . She was laid on the exercise mat- I looked down at her and that very instant the sun caught her eyes. I saw them then properly for the first time- they were pure amber. I've never seen eyes that colour before...or since, they are truly magical.

Her lips, well...they're mesmerising. I love to watch them move when she talks, watch how she blows smoke from them...they draw me in and distract....

But her hands- oh those hands. They are such intelligent knowing, gentle and delicate yet strong and gripping. I watch how she grips the steering wheel, how she holds her cigarette, how she strokes my thighs...

I remember gently bathing her breasts in a whirlpool bath on holiday and being shocked at how much I loved how they felt and at how I could have stayed bathing them for hours...days even

I will continue my list as haven't gotten to the parts that make me blush most when I think of them......

What are some of your favourite bits? (of your girlfriend of course NOT mine!!)