Thursday, 2 July 2009

Biker Border!

Baking hot in London today. So took Gertie for a spin on the bike- she's a natural biker!

Monday, 29 June 2009

The Genius Gert!

I was woken suddenly this morning by a frantic phonecall from QR. "Boo I've lost Gertie, she's completely disappeared". I leapt out of bed, mistakingly putting on my "I love Birds T-shirt!" pulled my jeans on (no boxers commando style!) and bolted out of the door on a sprint to the park to find our three month old Gertie and comfort poor QR.

But as soon as I got out of the flat who do I find scratching at the door...Gertie! She had managed to cross three roads, and find her way home about a quarter of a mile away! She was very happy to see me but not half as happy as QR when I phoned her with the news. QR had gone to stand with a couple of other dog walkers and we reckon that Gertie just hadn't spotted where she was, had panicked and ran off back home.

I know most parents think it -but we both think our Gertie is somewhat of a little genius!
Phew! It could have been an awful start to QRs' birthday!