Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Wee Pain!

Going to the loo...

for some most of you not a problem...but for Boo it's often a bloody nightmare! Some of the worse toilets include; motorway service stations, bus stations, airports, train stations, department fact the list is endless...but the worse ones are anywhere that has a queue...

Boy do I have some toilet tales to the time I went to the toilet in a casino in the Bahamas and was marched out by a guard wth a gun held to my head! Like the time I had three attendants try and break down the cubicle door whilst I shouted for help and for them to leave me alone (I was petrified). Like the time when a woman ran out screaming and fetched two bartenders to come and get me out, she then threatened to spit at me.

Yes, I can honestly say that going to the toilet has certainly not been easy for Boo!

And what has caused these people to act in such a manner? They think I'm in the wrong toilet and that I should be in the mens'.

These experiences though, I'm loathed to admit it have taken their toll over the years and having to go the toilet in a public space can often cause me a great deal of trauma and distress. I find that I now always hum or sing loudly upon entry, I try and bring a companion along with me so I can chat with her and be seen as female. I plan when I will go and where and I avoid going at any costs if I possibly can.

I'm now 40. And I know I should think "what the fuck" and not give a damn. But it somehow makes me feel so vulnerable and exposed and I've been trying to unpick the reasons why.

I am a very out butch and proud dyke who feels fucking brilliant about who I am. This toilet business is niggling me.

Perhaps us poor butches who get this grief could agree to carry some business cards to hand out to the dum dums that make us feel so oppressed. Perhaps they could say something like "Butch and Proud" any suggestions?

After all Boo just wants to wee in Peace!

Monday, 29 December 2008


I've had a fantastic Christmas! I did however, wish myself to be an octopus (as often felt like I've needed 8 arms...... now that WOULD make me popular with the girlies!!). Certainly wouldn't wish to be this poor octopussy though. I came across her in Spain on a cliff top.

Anyways, I need YOUR help! I have promised my wonderful girlfriend 12 surprises for New Years Eve. I have a couple of ideas but would very much welcome any suggestions- no matter how obscure or bizarre.

Ta very much!

Boo X