Monday, 29 December 2008


I've had a fantastic Christmas! I did however, wish myself to be an octopus (as often felt like I've needed 8 arms...... now that WOULD make me popular with the girlies!!). Certainly wouldn't wish to be this poor octopussy though. I came across her in Spain on a cliff top.

Anyways, I need YOUR help! I have promised my wonderful girlfriend 12 surprises for New Years Eve. I have a couple of ideas but would very much welcome any suggestions- no matter how obscure or bizarre.

Ta very much!

Boo X

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Thank You!

To Each and Everyone...

I look forward to continuing to read you, share with you, laugh with you and I Thank You all for the many hours of enjoyment, enlightenment and education you've given me!

Peace and Happiness

Big Love

Butch Boo


Monday, 22 December 2008

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow...!

My Girlfriend and I arrived- Iceland 4am. It took a while for us to land due to freak blizzard conditions. Upon arrival we popped to the loo, she had a few fags in a smoking booth thingy and when we left the airport we soon discovered we were stranded!
The last bus had gone, and there we were ... it was minus 15c 4am and the worst blizzard they had had for years ! I was in seventh heaven!!
We managed to get a snow dredger/taxi thingy in the end - there was no road to be seen, we might not be able to get through to town and we were the only vehicle.. I was like a kid this was pure adventure! The Girlfriend wasn't quite as excited as me!!! (quite the opposite infact!!)
I hope you like the pics it was like being in a moving postcard- beautiful.
I SO want it to snow here. Not quite the same in London though!!

Monday, 15 December 2008

A Wheely Great Experience!

Got that "Christmas" feeling the other day. It was THE most wonderful wintery sunshiney of days. Went to Winter Wonderland in HydePark and got to watch the sunset from this wheel.

Lucky Boo...

Serpentine Lake- Hyde Park

Duck Feeding- Serpentine

Sunset over City of London

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Ex Factor

I'm in love. Deeply so. I've learnt so much about myself in such a short space of's amazing!

It's not been easy though....due to the Ex Factor.

The Ex.

The Ex she had a 25 year relationship with. The Ex she grew up with. The Ex she had lived with throughout the whole of her adult life. The Ex who she will always be joined at the heart with. The Ex who has told her she can come back to in two years time if she wants. The Ex who expected to be the one who will pick her up from the hospital after her operation.

The Ex who is the protector, the brother, the father, the best friend...

The Ex.

It's been's getting less jealousy and insecurity is mostly now at an acceptable level.

I still get pissed off at when he phones to check my party is OK and she's safe (wonder if he'd do that if I were a male?) like how he calls her "love" when he speaks to her like he's always done. Like how his family are her family and I'm the big secret and always will be.

But I think that's what has made us so incredibly strong and not being easy.

I can't imagine being with someone for 25 years. I can't imagine what on Earth it must feel like to no longer be with them. It must be like having to try and walk again after forgetting how to.

My girlfriend is the strongest, most beautiful, resiliant and courageous woman I have ever and am likely ever to meet.

I' m so very very lucky.

The Ex has taught me a lot and continues to do so.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I had a dream....

I love my dreams!

They are totally random and always bizarre.
Because of my dreams I wake up in differing emotional states almost everyday. Most of them make me giggle, some of them make me feel confused, some angry, some sad, and Saturday's dream I woke up suffering from horrendous guilt until I remembered the dream in its' entirety.
I was at a festival- the sun was shining and I was happily strolling around the fields with a woman (unidentifiable). We were holding hands and laughing together and I felt a sense of euphoria. There was the smell of marijuana intermingled with incense.
I felt a sense of panic though as the festival was drawing to an end. The woman I was with was not my girlfriend- I was having an affair. What would I tell my girlfriend? How could I do such a thing to her? How dare I?!
I got into the car I was driving, glanced into the mirror and it was at that moment I felt a tremendous sense of relief......For I wasn't me....but Justin Lee Collins!!!!!

I told you my dreams were weird!!

(Justin Lee Collins for anyone who doesn't know is a British hairy comedian!)


Sunday, 30 November 2008

Happiest of Birthdays Edith!

Edith Kent, the first woman in Britain to be given the same wages as her male colleagues, is 100-years-old today and I wish her the happiest of birthdays.

Edith worked as a welder in a Devonport dockyard in Plymouth during the Second World War. Due to her only being 4 feet 11 inches tall, she was able to crawl inside torpedo tubes (not a job I'd want thank you very much). She spent most of her days inside torpedos welding.

When she started in 1941, she earned £5 6s per week. In 1943, she got a pay rise and earned £6 6s. At the time, a male manual worker earned a lot less £5 8s 6d. This at the time was totally unheard of.

Edith says she is extremely proud of her achievement but also embarrassed by it. She says: "I got the job because my brothers worked at the dockyard and they thought I would be good at it. I was the first woman to work as a welder there. It made me a bit uncomfortable that I was the first woman to earn the same as the men - and in some cases I was earning more than them. All the men I worked with were marvellous and they didn't seem to mind me earning the same. None of them ever dared say it, but I think they knew I was worth as much as them, if not more." I'm sure you were Edith.

In 1942, she took time off work to have her only child and then soon went back to work, leaving the baby to be cared by one of her sisters. Edith continued to work at the dockyard until 1945, when the male workers returned from the war. She then took up a job as a barmaid instead. The Government ran a major campaign at getting women out of the workplace and into the home (namely the kitchen!) to give up their jobs for the returning men.

We tend to think of divorce as a modern phenomenon but after the war had finished the divorce rate was at an all time high of 64%

Edith has celebrated her 100th birthday today with a tea dance at a hotel with 50 family and friends, including her older sister Minna, who is 105.

Edith sure is a pioneer of her time and I think gives true meaning to " Girl Power". We've still got a long way to go but it's thanks to women like Edith who have helped us along the way.

Monday, 17 November 2008

The Angel of the North...

The beauty of this monument never ceases to amaze me. When I stand at its' feet looking up it gives me an eery feeling. I'm reminded of my smallness and insignificance in the world which I find strangely soothing.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Old Boy Johnny T...

In a London back alley there was a mound of dirty old blankets piled high with scabby soup-run sandwiches and a smattering of scavenging pigeons thrown in. Buried beneath was Johnny. A 78 year old man with the kindest steel blue eyes and bushiest eye brows I’d ever seen. I was a street outreach worker, it was 6am and bloody freezing!

Word on the streets was that Johnny had just appeared one night, sat down by the air duct at the back of the multi storey car park and had not moved for seven years.

City workers would pass by and toss the odd coin, soup runs would add to the growing pile of scabby uneaten sandwiches. Johnny’s street neighbour Len would get him his beer and rollies everyday.

We’d come by on our rounds and he’d always have a plastic bag ready for me to sit on “your throne madam” he’d announce. Over the following few weeks we tried everything to get him off the street; the police (couldn’t assist), the mental health teams (couldn’t assist) he wouldn’t be fooled by bribery….we were flummoxed as to what we could do.

He’d talk of days gone by; of his sister how he’d raised her since they were orphaned, how he’d taught her to drive in an army truck and how he’d not seen her since she set sail for Canada years ago. His army days, his days as a door man at a gentleman’s club…but never why he was where he was.

One morning we arrived to find Johnny wasn’t sitting upright with plastic bag in hand. I lifted the blankets to find his face caked in blood, he’d been badly beaten by some “glue-heads” and robbed. He yelled in anger as he was forcibly lifted into the ambulance and told us all to “fuck off and mind our own business”.

He had to have part of a blanket surgically removed from the skin on his legs as it had meshed during his seven years of sitting underneath it. He was discharged after six weeks into a care home. I visited almost daily and lived for those moments. He had my throne-the plastic bag always at the ready for me.

Three days before he died he told me his story. How his wife of 24 years had died of breast cancer, how he’d cared for her until the very end. How after she died the walls of his house started to draw in and he had to escape. How he’d ended up walking the streets of London for hours, found a warm spot sat down and hadn’t moved since.

I miss his stories and his sparkling eyes.

He had the kindest most sensitive of souls did Johnny. I will always carry him in my heart and a plastic bag in my pocket.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

If only....

I could be in this boat, being gently rocked by the undulating sea, bask in the sunshine and snooze a dozy snooze....
Definitely think I'm suffering from lack of sunshine syndrome....poor Boo has S.A.D.......where are you sun???


Winter Sun

Thursday, 6 November 2008

My Choice...results are in!

Well the results are in and thanks to the 39 of you who voted.

  • Well I'm not gonna get my 40 minute all over body massage cos only 15% of you wanted me to choose this one.
  • And tis a terrible shame that I won't get to opt for 40 minutes silence from my girlfriend cos only 17% went for this one.
  • Biggest disappointment is I won't get fucked 4 times in 12 hours (well, I might but it was only 28% of you voted for it!)
  • Seems like I'm going to meet my girlfriend at midnight under Cleopatra's needle on the River Thames for a surprise! Looking forward to it and am wondering what she has in store for me!

    Will keep you posted....

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


To the US and to the World!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Mom Wanted A Girl..........

A girly girl.

Not a girl who at 6 kicked, screamed and flat refused to get out of the car to go to ballet and wear a peach tutu. A girl who at 9 locked herself in the bathroom, sat in a cold bath and cried her little heart out cos she didn't want to wear a green lace dress. A girl who had a "girls' world" (life sized plastic woman's head with a drawer for make-up) and liked to melt its' face with matches, cut all its' hair off and bury it in the garden!

A girl who often got called "sonny" but who hated being called sonny cos she was a girl... but not a girly girl.

I'm not transmasculine, I'm not transcending anything or transitioning I'm me Butch Boo.

You see my butchness is the very essence of who I am- of me. I was a baby butch and am now butch the elder (not too much of the elder!)

I was asked to write about what butches do. All I can write about is me... what I do is very much determined by who I am- I'm not butch because of what I do - I do what I do because I'm butch.

I'm strong- oh so strong and can beat most at an arm wrestle. My body language I'm told is butch I sit legs astride and strut. I'm the protector and very much the alpha. I'm told my take on the world is different. I sulk!

There is nothing inherently masculine about objects or clothing or activities- but I like to do and wear the things people generally consider to be "masculine".

I ride a big fuck off motorbike, I wear leathers...... I ooze prowess.

I wear aftershave not perfume, I would rather die than shop in a women's boutique. I like to fix, I like to mend, I like to hold doors open, I like to carry.
I like to be a dare devil- to take risks.

I love my ties, my suits and my army boots.

I love to pin my girlfriend down; to feel "masterful".

I hate being called sir and told I'm in the wrong loos.....I love being told I'm handsome.

My mom wanted a girl....a girly girl.

OK we don't swap make-up tips...but she does get to eye up the bloke's bottoms in their leathers when I take her to the motorbike garage!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Deer Friend in the North....

Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes?
A. No Idea!
Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes and no Legs?
A. Still no Idea!!
Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes, no Legs and is having sex?
A. Still no Fucking Idea!!!

Wish I was here.....

Instead of sitting in my office........

Best Qualities in a Butch ...Grand Results!

Well I never.....

Surprising results indeed. 28 of you voted...thanks and Boo was shocked to learn that humour was kinda low down there with only 14%

However what shocked me most was that Romance and Farting came in with a joint 7% of the vote!! That sure put the wind up me!

Voted second best quality in a butch was chivalry- yep I do like to hold those doors open for you gals!

And romping in with a whopping 53% of the vote was PROWESS! (and I'm full of really I am!) No real surprise there.

I feel bad cos the other night I was somewhat inebriated and gave a mate a massive lecture on the importance of Prowess with the ladies... they're a right nice person but I was trying to explain that nice is all well and good in a friend or a brother or a sister but most women want prowess in their suitor and the survey confirms my theory.

So despite of my drunkenness I was right!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Choices....

My beautiful girlfriend gave me a box of 40 choices...think I'll cash in the "fuck you 4 times in 12 hours" when I get back from my holiday.... Yum

I'm a Prude!!

It's something I've known for quite some time and been told often...but I realised when I wrote the last post - that I just couldn't write anything rude!

Don't get me wrong I love porn, reading smut, I'm a randy fucker most of the time and there ain't nothing I wouldn't do in the bedroom, on the floor, in the car, in the park etc etc etc!!

But when it comes to me reading what friends have written about their sexual escapades I get all flustered and feel like a voyeur. It somehow feels wrong to me (just my issue) and I avoid it.

So if I refrain from commenting on certain posts please don't get me wrong it's nothing personal it's just my prudishness getting in the way!

If I don't know you ....well that's a different matter!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Best Bits of My Bird...

It's got to be her eyes...I remember when we were "just gym buddies" . She was laid on the exercise mat- I looked down at her and that very instant the sun caught her eyes. I saw them then properly for the first time- they were pure amber. I've never seen eyes that colour before...or since, they are truly magical.

Her lips, well...they're mesmerising. I love to watch them move when she talks, watch how she blows smoke from them...they draw me in and distract....

But her hands- oh those hands. They are such intelligent knowing, gentle and delicate yet strong and gripping. I watch how she grips the steering wheel, how she holds her cigarette, how she strokes my thighs...

I remember gently bathing her breasts in a whirlpool bath on holiday and being shocked at how much I loved how they felt and at how I could have stayed bathing them for hours...days even

I will continue my list as haven't gotten to the parts that make me blush most when I think of them......

What are some of your favourite bits? (of your girlfriend of course NOT mine!!)

Friday, 17 October 2008

By the way....Christina was a PELICAN!!!!

An "In Tents" Relationship....

She was all mine. I was the only one she followed. She slept in the crook of my arm and she was my bird.... Christina.

It was hot. I was in a tent in Greece. 2 months....Bliss.

With Christina it was an "on - off" kind of arrangement. Most nights she'd be with me but some nights she'd turn down my offer.

She'd prefer to sleep outside the local fish restaurant on a box.

Just Following Orders.... The Great Tagging Game...

Ze Rulz...
Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
  • Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

    Here goes for anyone who is remotely interested...

    1. I found a loooong blonde hair protruding from my neck which wasn't there the previous day! How did THAT get there???!! (now carry tweezers round in my pocket- hope I don't forget when I mount any airplane- deadly weapon apparently!!!)
    2. I have a passion for slurping coke froth. You have to be extra quick to get all of it. A tall thin glass with stacks of ice is the best froth maker- has to be glass bottled coke. It reminds me of childhood, sunshine and holidays. (I sulk if it gets poured for me)
    3. My feet are endless victims. I lost all but one toe nail when I went climbing. My heel skin completely dropped off (which my dog ate!! yuk I know!!!) after a 28 mile hike. Only the other day I dropped a glass shower door on my poor foot and spliced it (I was of course drunk!)...loads more feet tales but you get the picture.
    4. I feel incredibly tall with my girlfriend upon my arm (and NO that's not because she's incredibly short!!!)
    5. I love wearing my bike leathers- makes me feel all powerful and butch. But I do look like Darth Vader in a nappy!
    6. I love to put small twigs and things in spiders' webs and watch them have to skillfully cut it out and mend the web
    7. When I was 11 my dad had a bright yellow bat mobile. Exactly like the one in the old batman series (except that one was black). He used to pick me up from school in it and I loved the attention I'd get sitting next to him under the round glass hood!
  • I've tagged these (apologies if you've been done before)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Butch n Dyke ramblings...

Apparently the word "Butch" originated during the 1890's and referred to the female butchers who were big and strong and considered to be "hard fisted women of the people". Anyone heard anything different?

There are loads of theories as to the word "Dyke"- some say it came from 67AD during the reign of Boudicca Celtic queen. She led a revolt against the Roman Empire and was seen as a woman of great power and threat and given the title Dyke- "the powerful one"

Another theory is that it derives from the word "Dike" a French word meaning "men's' clothes".

Or it could have come from another meaning of the word "Dike" meaning to overdress to "be diked out" Now known as Decked out.

It would seem the mayor of Lesbos has rather taken against women calling themselves Lesbian- as his people are now too embarassed to call themselves lesbian also....Shame!

Went to see the Hadrian exhibition the other day at the Bristish museum...he was one of the most influencial and most feared rulers of all time and a raging puff- which I was really pleased to learn! They often seem to forget that little point don't they.....

Told you life was full of sunshine...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Last Poll...Two thumb or Not Two Thumb....

Thanks to all of you who took part in the last poll-"What would my Bird Benefit From Most"

Votes were overwhelmingly in favour of thumbs up bum rather than thumb up bum or neither....I will keep you informed as to the course of action taken.....!!

Please see latest poll....Ta

another KD treat for you...

It's Pants!

Sorry but Boo needs a rant.... I feel like I'm getting incredibly old as I don't quite understand

Why are blokes going around with their hands down their pants holding their willies??! I kind of thought- "oh well never mind it's just a thing the kids do" but yesterday I passed a man in his late 30's his hand down pants holding onto his little weener! I just don't get it- is it meant to look hard? Ain't that the thing toddlers do?

Also what's all this trousers hanging business- one fella the other day could hardly get onto the bus as his trousers were almost down to his ankles and the whole busload of peops was laughing... cool?! I think not!

And what's this wearing sunglasses hanging off your chin, one leg of your trousers rolled up and a sun visor on the back of your head up-side-down and an afro comb sticking out of the side of your head....??????

Yep. I just have to face it...I'm getting old!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Some of My Favourite Groups....

  • A Bed of Oysters
  • A Boogle of Weasels
  • A Cete of Badgers
  • An Exaltation of Skylarks
  • A Farrow of Piglets
  • A Labour of Moles
  • A Murder of Crows
  • A Parliament of Owls
  • A Pod of Dolphins
  • A Romp of Otters
  • A Skulk of Foxes
  • A Smack of Jellyfish
  • A Sounder of Boars
  • A String of Ponies
  • A Trip of Goats

The Ring Around Uranus!!!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Life sure is full of sunshine...

Slugs, Snails & Puppy Dogs' Tails...

Some sluggish facts !

Slugs are owed much more respect:
  • They have shells! Ok most are inside and offer miniscule protection but they do have shells, along with a heart, lung and kidneys.
  • Apparently if you boil three in milk and swallow whole you can cure TB!
  • They are hermaphrodites and can fertilise themselves. They do this by coiling their corkscrew penises around each other to exchange sperm. Trouble is though that they often get tangled up with their partners and are forced to gnaw each others' penises off! This then makes both slugs effectively bio female and remain so evermore.

So before you salt one- think about what the poor buggers have already been through please!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

What a Day!!

Woke up contented and snug with my arms wrapped around my beautiful girlfriend.

After snogs and breakfast I entered into the most amazing day filled with neon blue sky and the sun shining through reddened leaves.

Walked into work along the magical river and took these four pics....

Path to Pylon!

Web design

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Some of the jobs I'd love to do...

  • paramedic on bike
  • bird handler (feathered or human variety)
  • helicopter pilot
  • pyrotechnic
  • rubbish collector
  • sewer fat cleanser
  • National Park ranger
  • sunbather
  • life guard (on nudist women's beach)
  • Fire fighter
  • Supadyke (cape and powertool belt)
  • Lumberjack
  • Massage receiver
  • Nature photographer
  • Food critic
  • anthropologist
  • Motorcycle instructor
  • CEO
  • Professor (though not have to do any work)
  • Mountain rescue
  • Sex toy trier and examiner
  • Dog walker

I wish I was a Pyrotechnic...