Monday, 14 September 2009

Boo Stays Afloat....Bully Boss Sinks!

For the past four months Boo has been on the receiving end of an endless persistant bullying campaign from my new manager in the new company I'm working for. He has been quite an expert at intimidation, harassment, making me feel inadequate, he's an excellent mind fucker. He's even involved some of his subordinates. I have felt so incredibly stressed, ill, I have completly dreaded going in to work and my confidence totally went to pot.

I decided that enough was enough and to make an official complaint. I refuse to be a victim, I decided it was time to take control. It was really difficult as I had no way of knowing who he had as his supporters. However, I'm so glad I did- it turns out that others have come forward saying they too have been bullied. He has now been suspended- they apparently have a long list of issues to deal with- fraud, corruption, theft and my evidence finally led to his suspension- and it's highly unlikely he'll be back.

This experience has really taught me some humility. I'm ashamed to admit that if I ever heard of anyone saying they were being bullied at work I'd secretly scoff and mock. Thinking they were soft and weak. Not any more I am pleased to say.

The justice of it all though...what is making me smile and chuckle to myself the most... is that they have offered me his job in the meantime! I will be managing the very people that have been his foot soldiers!
Ofcourse I will be fair and reasonable- but let me at 'em!!!