Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Big Bad Boss Boo!

Well...Boo's pretty pleased with herself!

I recently took a risk and went for quite a big promotion at work. After countless tests, interviews... and a much dreaded presentation Boo was successful at securing a senior management position.

Boo now manages managers that manage managers that manage managers!

So for a while it's going to be busy busy Boo.

I race home from work on the bike and strip out of my grown-up clothes and climb straight into my "boy" shorts and big bad boots. I chuckle (sometimes outloud!) if only they knew...that really I'm only a 17 year old lad!
Well that's what I feel like a lot of the time. I'd rather be climbing trees, whittling a stick, rowing on the river, flying my kite...not writing preps for PQQs or compiling strategic plans! onto persuading QR the bird that I'm the boss! Now that's going to be a bigger challenge!