Sunday, 11 October 2009

Adventures with Gertie... far Gertie has certainly had an eventful life! She's had tonnes of scrapes, adventures, outings, and
The other evening QR and I were taking Gertrude for a walk along the river I live on. Gertie has dog mania at the moment and is totally obsessed by them. A pooch came our way...Gertie got over excited and ended up rolling into the river! Very frightening- there was a six foot drop and no way we could reach her. There was nothing else for it- Boo had to jump in. It was stenching, thick and black and you couldn't see into it at all. In I jumped (luckily avoiding being impaled on any discarded bits of metal that's regularly dumped in there) it was icy cold and you couldn't touch the bottom. Apparently Gertie completely disapppeared under...QR screamed... I managed to scramble under the water and grab hold of her and somehow throw her up onto the edge.
I was now stuck in the stenching water- there was no way I could get out because of the drop. I had to swim up stream and found an old chain to help pull myself up, passers by helped pull me out like an undignified seal!! (Very embarrassing as by now quite an audience had gathered!)
Gertie found the whole episode exhilerating...Boo on the other hand was like a drowned rat and stinking of rotten eggs!
Needless to say we are now keeping Gertrude firmly on a lead at all times anywhere near the river.
Lesson learnt!