Saturday, 28 March 2009

Graffiti- it's not all cocks and balls!

I love the word GRAFFITI- originates from the Greek "graphein" meaning "to write". Graffiti (graffito) a drawing or message on a flat surface- originally referred to marks found on ancient Roman architecture, found on Hadrian's wall etc. Now found everywhere and some of it bloody brilliant!

Sunday, 22 March 2009


What is it with Cocks?! They're absolutely everywhere!!

Do you like the one above? Lovingly doodled outside my mom's apartment in Spain. Proving to be truly multi-national- the doodled cock- found by Boo across Europe, the States, South Africa in fact I'm sure they're displayed across all continents.

They're in library books, on blogs (mine- see above!!!), walls, houses, bus shelters, boats, planes, cars, buses, paving slabs, coach stations, airports, tins of beans, carved into trees, cacti, benches etc etc!!

They come (no pun intended!) in all shapes and sizes; with or without balls, for detail you can add hairs, a helmet, if you're really arty you can add wrinkles or veins, and for that extra touch add a dotted line coming (whoops done it again!) out of the top!

I personally prefer the cunt myself. In fact I'm going to start a cunt revolution. Yes Boo is going to start travelling the continents with the sole aim of covering the world with cunts! I'll draw small ones, big ones, hairy ones, pink & purple ones, ones with a Brazilian, ones that look like flowers, ones that look like walnuts (don't ask!!!)

Pass me that spray can...and VIVA LA CUNT!