Friday, 17 October 2008

By the way....Christina was a PELICAN!!!!

An "In Tents" Relationship....

She was all mine. I was the only one she followed. She slept in the crook of my arm and she was my bird.... Christina.

It was hot. I was in a tent in Greece. 2 months....Bliss.

With Christina it was an "on - off" kind of arrangement. Most nights she'd be with me but some nights she'd turn down my offer.

She'd prefer to sleep outside the local fish restaurant on a box.

Just Following Orders.... The Great Tagging Game...

Ze Rulz...
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  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
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    Here goes for anyone who is remotely interested...

    1. I found a loooong blonde hair protruding from my neck which wasn't there the previous day! How did THAT get there???!! (now carry tweezers round in my pocket- hope I don't forget when I mount any airplane- deadly weapon apparently!!!)
    2. I have a passion for slurping coke froth. You have to be extra quick to get all of it. A tall thin glass with stacks of ice is the best froth maker- has to be glass bottled coke. It reminds me of childhood, sunshine and holidays. (I sulk if it gets poured for me)
    3. My feet are endless victims. I lost all but one toe nail when I went climbing. My heel skin completely dropped off (which my dog ate!! yuk I know!!!) after a 28 mile hike. Only the other day I dropped a glass shower door on my poor foot and spliced it (I was of course drunk!)...loads more feet tales but you get the picture.
    4. I feel incredibly tall with my girlfriend upon my arm (and NO that's not because she's incredibly short!!!)
    5. I love wearing my bike leathers- makes me feel all powerful and butch. But I do look like Darth Vader in a nappy!
    6. I love to put small twigs and things in spiders' webs and watch them have to skillfully cut it out and mend the web
    7. When I was 11 my dad had a bright yellow bat mobile. Exactly like the one in the old batman series (except that one was black). He used to pick me up from school in it and I loved the attention I'd get sitting next to him under the round glass hood!
  • I've tagged these (apologies if you've been done before)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Butch n Dyke ramblings...

Apparently the word "Butch" originated during the 1890's and referred to the female butchers who were big and strong and considered to be "hard fisted women of the people". Anyone heard anything different?

There are loads of theories as to the word "Dyke"- some say it came from 67AD during the reign of Boudicca Celtic queen. She led a revolt against the Roman Empire and was seen as a woman of great power and threat and given the title Dyke- "the powerful one"

Another theory is that it derives from the word "Dike" a French word meaning "men's' clothes".

Or it could have come from another meaning of the word "Dike" meaning to overdress to "be diked out" Now known as Decked out.

It would seem the mayor of Lesbos has rather taken against women calling themselves Lesbian- as his people are now too embarassed to call themselves lesbian also....Shame!

Went to see the Hadrian exhibition the other day at the Bristish museum...he was one of the most influencial and most feared rulers of all time and a raging puff- which I was really pleased to learn! They often seem to forget that little point don't they.....

Told you life was full of sunshine...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Last Poll...Two thumb or Not Two Thumb....

Thanks to all of you who took part in the last poll-"What would my Bird Benefit From Most"

Votes were overwhelmingly in favour of thumbs up bum rather than thumb up bum or neither....I will keep you informed as to the course of action taken.....!!

Please see latest poll....Ta

another KD treat for you...

It's Pants!

Sorry but Boo needs a rant.... I feel like I'm getting incredibly old as I don't quite understand

Why are blokes going around with their hands down their pants holding their willies??! I kind of thought- "oh well never mind it's just a thing the kids do" but yesterday I passed a man in his late 30's his hand down pants holding onto his little weener! I just don't get it- is it meant to look hard? Ain't that the thing toddlers do?

Also what's all this trousers hanging business- one fella the other day could hardly get onto the bus as his trousers were almost down to his ankles and the whole busload of peops was laughing... cool?! I think not!

And what's this wearing sunglasses hanging off your chin, one leg of your trousers rolled up and a sun visor on the back of your head up-side-down and an afro comb sticking out of the side of your head....??????

Yep. I just have to face it...I'm getting old!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Some of My Favourite Groups....

  • A Bed of Oysters
  • A Boogle of Weasels
  • A Cete of Badgers
  • An Exaltation of Skylarks
  • A Farrow of Piglets
  • A Labour of Moles
  • A Murder of Crows
  • A Parliament of Owls
  • A Pod of Dolphins
  • A Romp of Otters
  • A Skulk of Foxes
  • A Smack of Jellyfish
  • A Sounder of Boars
  • A String of Ponies
  • A Trip of Goats

The Ring Around Uranus!!!