Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Deer Friend in the North....

Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes?
A. No Idea!
Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes and no Legs?
A. Still no Idea!!
Q. What do you call a Deer with no Eyes, no Legs and is having sex?
A. Still no Fucking Idea!!!


Angel-Ariel said...

Hahaha, okay, so you know these jokes are semi-lame, right?

I still found them funny,but due to being tired I laughed to the point where it seemed like they were over the top hilarious.

Geesh... I need sleep.

Lori said...

yeah but never like this.I am always googling her and trying to find different stuff about her! I am obsessed and it is scaring me! Some how I can keep it under wraps with my hubby around, it's like I have a secret life! I was raised that being gay is wrong and I still see that but damn she is one hot women!! Anyways..How is life for you???

Butch Boo said...

Hello Lori

Butch Boo is good thanks- all the better for a wintery sunshine filled day.

I think it's very sad that you were raised to think that being gay is wrong...and that you say that you still see that.

All I can say is that love can never be wrong.

The world is a harsh place and often full of hatred. Lori I think that you know that being gay is not wrong and hope that you can accept that the crush you have is totally normal and that it's good that you think she's a totally hot woman.

Don't be scared of life Lori- embrace it.

Thanks for popping by and hope you will again.



QueerRose said...

Lovely photo. I won't comment on the "jokes" !! QRx

~Just Me~ said...

LOL omg lol

Anne said...

Oh man! Fucking hilarious. Thanks for that!!!