Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I had a dream....

I love my dreams!

They are totally random and always bizarre.
Because of my dreams I wake up in differing emotional states almost everyday. Most of them make me giggle, some of them make me feel confused, some angry, some sad, and Saturday's dream I woke up suffering from horrendous guilt until I remembered the dream in its' entirety.
I was at a festival- the sun was shining and I was happily strolling around the fields with a woman (unidentifiable). We were holding hands and laughing together and I felt a sense of euphoria. There was the smell of marijuana intermingled with incense.
I felt a sense of panic though as the festival was drawing to an end. The woman I was with was not my girlfriend- I was having an affair. What would I tell my girlfriend? How could I do such a thing to her? How dare I?!
I got into the car I was driving, glanced into the mirror and it was at that moment I felt a tremendous sense of relief......For I wasn't me....but Justin Lee Collins!!!!!

I told you my dreams were weird!!

(Justin Lee Collins for anyone who doesn't know is a British hairy comedian!)



Unwelcome Sound said...

My dreams are very odd too.
But Justin Lee Collins... that's something else!

Arial Ray said...

I wish I could be someone else in my dreams. The only dreams I remember lately are the ones in which I'm having problems with my ex. And then I do. I'm trying to figure out if they're premonitions or self-fulfilling propehcy.

QueerRose said...

Well, let that be a lesson to you! Have an affair and you'll turn in to a hairy man! QRx

Firebolt said...

LOL! A hairy comedian? That's so funny.

I generally have weird dreams although the other night I dreamt of shopping for vests and leather jackets. Now that is wishful dreaming.

Cheers! ^_^

JaneyRuth said...

In my dream, I was lying in bed, and I sort of propped myself up on my elbows, as I usually do. And then I noticed that my legs were all... horribly patterned, I mean like the skin was all branded in a series of lines of rectangles, like a brick wall, but with dots, too, from the thighs to my ankles. My Mother walked by and said, "You better do something about those legs. Your uncle and aunt are coming." And then I woke up.


Sabrae said...

lol and here i was hoping you were dreaming of me.... dang! lol thanks for the comment and come by the blog again! :)

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Only two days ago I was wondering if my retarded/lame dreams are normal! I dreamt once of Ellen Degeneres, i was playing tennis with her i think.

Yours is funny lol I like it. A good dream producer.