Monday, 29 December 2008


I've had a fantastic Christmas! I did however, wish myself to be an octopus (as often felt like I've needed 8 arms...... now that WOULD make me popular with the girlies!!). Certainly wouldn't wish to be this poor octopussy though. I came across her in Spain on a cliff top.

Anyways, I need YOUR help! I have promised my wonderful girlfriend 12 surprises for New Years Eve. I have a couple of ideas but would very much welcome any suggestions- no matter how obscure or bizarre.

Ta very much!

Boo X


Dar said...

Oh now this is difficult; we'd have to know your grrl now, wouldn't we. ... Figure you must know her better than any of us. ... Figure out what that knowledge is, and then base your surprises on that. I'd be interested in knowing what you come up with though. (grin) Happy New Year Butch.

C said...

hhmmmm, 12 surprizes, eh?
ok. lemme think.....smoke coming out ears...

1. bathe her in a tub of champaigne. can even add floaters of real fruit.
2. full body massage.
3. coupons for washing her hair, with a nice scalp massage....
d. a pedicure.
5. pack a picnic and park at some beautiful spot overlooking something awesome and eat it in the car.
6. kiss her 12 times... long, sensual ones and nothing else.
g. brush her hair for awhile whilst you both watch TV.
8. make her fave meal and serve it to her in a hot bubble bath. you be the dessert.
9. read her a kiddies book, using different voices and such throughout the story while laying in bed or the couch as she sips hot chocolate.
j. send her love notes by real mail for 12 days in a row.
11. go to a really expensive clothes store and try on outfits for eachother which you'll never be able to afford just for shits and giggles.
12. bring her a different donut at work for 12 days to have with her coffee.

now my brain is tired... :)
hope some of these are to your liking.
happy new years and god bless you and yours.


Dar said...

Hmmmm... some of those are to my liking; I'm taking notes. (grin)

femmeismygender said...

six of the best....followed by another six ;-)
fimg xx

Anonymous said...

Wow C, that was incredible! I like the idea of sending love notes by mail, I do that myself and my girl loves it. You can also leave bits of poetry around for her to find, like in her fridge or car windshield. Oh and kisses, many, many kisses.

Happy New Year!!

Leo MacCool said...

oh you are all so romantic. but bb is already a romantic, right? so how surprising would these really be? now, say, painting the living room walls black ... that would *surprising*. not to mention obscure and bizarre. ;)

happy new year, hope it's a great one.

Butch Boo said...

Thank you all for your fantastic suggestions!!

C- wow what a list- thanks (I used the twelve kisses and no touching!) Dar yes I know her well so kind of got them right! FIMG I gave her four of my best and owe her eight!!! GREG you smoothie you! Leo yes- already a romantic which is why one of her surprises was an oven glove!!!

Will let you know what they all were in a quickie post.

Hope you all have a fantabulous New Year and thanks once again!




femmeismygender said...

Boo -I am choking on chocolate laughing at you giving QR an oven glove! LOL! fimg xx

QueerRose said...

*SMILING* and not just at the oven glove! ;-) QRx

Dar said...

Wot the heck?