Thursday, 23 October 2008

I'm a Prude!!

It's something I've known for quite some time and been told often...but I realised when I wrote the last post - that I just couldn't write anything rude!

Don't get me wrong I love porn, reading smut, I'm a randy fucker most of the time and there ain't nothing I wouldn't do in the bedroom, on the floor, in the car, in the park etc etc etc!!

But when it comes to me reading what friends have written about their sexual escapades I get all flustered and feel like a voyeur. It somehow feels wrong to me (just my issue) and I avoid it.

So if I refrain from commenting on certain posts please don't get me wrong it's nothing personal it's just my prudishness getting in the way!

If I don't know you ....well that's a different matter!


Dawn on MDI said...

Funny how that works. It's like talking in the dark - it is easier to be brutally honest and technical in my descriptions, but in the light of day, when people can see my face and might make judgments about me, it is much more difficult to be graphic and true. I think it goes to the vulnerability that comes with judgment from our peers. We value what others think of us, no matter what we say to the contrary.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ah yes, I feel much the same.

Karymé said...

Hey - came across your blog through the comment you left on mine. lol @ this post, not just given the content of my blog, but also because I started it to overcome these exact inner inhibitions. hehe.

Deepset conditioning I guess...I found there's nothing like posting the words "wet cunt" repeatedly (ideally with photos of your own)to shatter it. But then, that's probably not what conventional therapists would recommend. And if it doesn't bug you, oh well. Though it'd be nice if you could read my blog without cringeing ;)