Thursday, 6 November 2008

My Choice...results are in!

Well the results are in and thanks to the 39 of you who voted.

  • Well I'm not gonna get my 40 minute all over body massage cos only 15% of you wanted me to choose this one.
  • And tis a terrible shame that I won't get to opt for 40 minutes silence from my girlfriend cos only 17% went for this one.
  • Biggest disappointment is I won't get fucked 4 times in 12 hours (well, I might but it was only 28% of you voted for it!)
  • Seems like I'm going to meet my girlfriend at midnight under Cleopatra's needle on the River Thames for a surprise! Looking forward to it and am wondering what she has in store for me!

    Will keep you posted....


Max said...
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Anonymous said...

ahhh...tooo bad!
i voted for the 4 in 12...sorry bout your luck...
but surprises are good ; )

Wordy Boy in a Floppy Hat. said...

That sounds really fun and really romantic! Maybe the other thing will happen as part of THAT package :).


Margo Moon said...

4 in 12 starting at midnight under Cleopatra's needle on the River Thames, maybe?

Butch Boo said...

Very much looking forward to it...and Margo- yes you may well be right!!