Sunday, 5 October 2008

Some of the jobs I'd love to do...

  • paramedic on bike
  • bird handler (feathered or human variety)
  • helicopter pilot
  • pyrotechnic
  • rubbish collector
  • sewer fat cleanser
  • National Park ranger
  • sunbather
  • life guard (on nudist women's beach)
  • Fire fighter
  • Supadyke (cape and powertool belt)
  • Lumberjack
  • Massage receiver
  • Nature photographer
  • Food critic
  • anthropologist
  • Motorcycle instructor
  • CEO
  • Professor (though not have to do any work)
  • Mountain rescue
  • Sex toy trier and examiner
  • Dog walker


QueerRose said...

BB these are only some of the jobs that you'd like to do - what happened to the rest? And, by the way, that vote thing you've got going on? VERY FUNNY

DJ Kirkby said...

Hello! This is a very diverse job wish list (though I do detect a common theme). Your description of 'Supadyke' made me laugh!

LL Cool Joe said...

Interesting list. After years of doing a job I didn't really enjoy, I'm now doing one I love. Being a DJ is the best job in the world!

Leo MacCool said...

hi, thanks for the comment! i'd take anything between park ranger and supadyke (as long as supapowers come included). massage receiver sounds good, too, though maybe only a part-time gig. in between stints on the nudist beach perhaps. sigh... back to my actual job now.

Ms.Hinterland Femme said...

Other than "massage receiver" I don't see much that I would be interested in. In fact, I think I am your career polar opposite. But, what a cool thing to list out like that; I'm inspired.

Thanks for you kinds words over my blog btw; they are very much appreciated.