Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Our Poor Little Angel...has a halo!

Poor little Sausage...

A couple of weeks ago we took our Gertie to hospital to have her spayed.
Just as she was getting back to her old playful self she became really unwell. Severe vomitting, runs and she was unable to get up. QR and I rushed her to hospital- they admitted her and conducted emergency surgery-( having to reopen the old wound and then explore her gut) it looked like she may have swallowed something which was causing a blockage. They found nothing and in hospital she stayed- it was touch and go. It was really distressing knowing she was in there and every time my phone rang my heart skipped a beat thinking the worse.
The vet phoned us Sunday- Gertie wasn't eating but hadn't been sick for a few days and she'd be better off at home with her moms. I am so pleased to report that once home she has been hoovering up her prescription food and meds like no business and is going from strength to strength. She did her first poo and how we cheered!! They think she had a severe case of gastrointeritus. She has a massive wound on her belly poor thing.
I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be royally spoilt this Christmas!
As for other matters- I will frankly be quite pleased to see the back of this year. It has proven to be a very stressful year. What with work and matters of the heart- that one day soon I shall write about when less raw. Things are looking brighter now though and Boo's bounce has returned (all be it a bounce with a look over the shoulder at the moment!)


Jude said...

I hope the little cutie is feeling better by now.

Unwelcome Sound said...

The poor little munchkin, hope she recovers quickly. That photo of her in the Santa suit is so adorable!

Have a great Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Glad she's alright now. She suits the Elizabethan look.