Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow... (More PLEASE) !

It's pouring with snow right now- I have just built THE biggest snow man. I'm due back at work Monday but we're forecast a massive downpour over the weekend and I'm hoping I get snowed in so work will be closed (doubtful but one can live in hope).
Boo is looking forward to a brighter 2010- I feel slightly battered and bruised from last year. My work was tough I felt responsible for the 25 staff I manage and it looked like they could have lost their jobs at one point. My new boss turned out to be a bully and highly corrupt (currently suspended due to evidence I gave and awaiting outcome). QR told me when I returned from visiting my mom in Spain in September that she was unsure whether she was in love with me anymore and that she found our relationship too intense.
I'm trying to take things a day at a time (cliche' I know), but I'm positive that this year will be a lot better- so ... LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!


Dragon said...

Yuck, you can keep the snow and take ours along with it. Don't like it one bit.

Awesome, keep a positive outlook. Best way to go. :-) Hope for a great year for you.

Monkey Outlaw said...

Hey found your blog through Jude. We are in Kansas City, MO and there is so much snow here that we will send the snow fairy your way to deliver your wish! That is if we don't kill her first! Every yr always gets better - and I am sure that you did what you could at work. If you didn't you wouldn't be worried about some bully at work. Look forward to reading you.

C said...

awwwwwwww boo, so sorry to hear about QR, that is so sad. i feel for you, dearie. [[[[[[[[[[hugs to you]]]]]]]]]]]

we have a ton of snow in omaha, ne... like 3 feet. its 38 below zero at the moment. all the schools have closed due to the extreme cold.

but i love the snow. always have. i hope you get tons more, too!

hang in there...


.Ophelia. said...

Beautiful blog!!!

I´m from Argentina... I´m a curious femme, and I love the snow, but here is too warm and hot!!


the only daughter said...

I haven't been around in awhile, glad I stopped in today, the pictures are glorius. Sorry about the work stuff and of course the love (or not, as it were) :(

One day. One step. At least you have your snow.


Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

Sorry about you and QR. My gf broke up with me over New Year completely out of the blue so I sympathise.

Butch Boo said...

Happy New Year to you all!

Thanks for all of your support. QR and I haven't split up- QR went through a rough time and wasn't sure how she felt. She had severe depression- very rough to deal with- rougher for QR ofcourse

I reckon that last year was one of THE toughest I've been through- all character forming ofcourse! I'm very excited about this year- I think things are going to be a lot brighter.

Love and Peace



Zan said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving me a nice comment.
Love your photos, the snow is so pretty.
We were forcasted a bad snow storm here as well, put we only got rain and now the snow is gone :(
Enjoy it while it lasts!


LL Cool Joe said...

I really hope 2010 is a good year for you and yours Boo!

Great photos. :)

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

Mmmm.... I love the snow!!! If it's going to be winter and cold, it might as well be fluffy and white!! :-) I love where your head is at!! :-)

Blu said...

Happy New Year!

sarah said...

wow. beautiful pics on your site. love the dog...mostly the close up of his cute face.

Christopher said...

What a FABULOUS site and your pup is ADORABLE...another dog fanatic is always nice to see...the cuddle pics of you are sweet.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Loved your pics. Don't you think that white snow gives the illusion of a fresh start to things??? - Anyhow -hoping the next few snowstorms wipe your slate clean - and bring you a happy and healthy new year!

DK Leather said...

smashing pictures... I love snow for just a few hours, then I'm done and too cold lol.

Btw adult stuff moved from (which is now the nilla one) to ...just in case you still wanna follow!

~doffs cap~