Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy London Pride!

To all you:

Gorgeous nurses, pilots, doctors, judges, roller skaters, clones, gimps, trannies, scouts, muslims, Catholics, Christians, politicians, soldiers, students, fag hags, queers, Pakistanis, Jews, bikers, rugby players, footballers, belly dancers, lesbian moms, oldies & youngsters, sailors, scuba divers and muff divers! and everyone else on the march that made me feel so proud to be me!


Anonymous said...

I have not made a London Pride for five years... boo hooo! Although have seen some fabulous pics posted through the wonder that is FB!! I hope it was a fab one :)

Indi said...

BB ~ If I may call you that? I made my first ever Birmingham Pride last year..... pity it chucked it down, but it didn't hamper the mood. Hold on tight to who you are, this panic you write about it's called life, be strong and true to youself, it will pass
. We all have days when we feel like this, it's natural



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