Sunday, 29 March 2009


Someone remarked the other day that over the years I had been given a large number of nicknames and yes indeed they were right...

* Boo (not sure where it came from but might be cos I cry so easily at all things soppy!)
*My Boo (when she's being affectionate)
* Fin (derived from my hair cut)
*Finbar Wookie (combination of the above)
*The Hoff (when I drive my black sports car in my biker's jacket!!- my car's called Kit!)
*Doll Nicoletta (said in an Italian accent)
* Doll Pigeonie
*Brum Brum (cos of where I'm from and cos I ride a motorbike)
*Farty-pants (afraid very true observation)
*windy-miller (as above!!)
*Pyramid Tits! (that one was quite a while back!!)
*Nipples ( kinda rhymes with my surname actually)
*Gorjus (well at least someone had good taste and excellent eye sight!)
*Fluffy Butch (spose I am)
*Pig (from children's programme Pipkins and coming from Brummie land- and perhaps slightly due to being a windy miller!)
*Dirty Girty- (yep that's me!)
*Booo Booo Boooo Booooooooooo (usually when my bird wants something!!)
*Studly from Dudley (oh yes and very proud of it!)
* The stud (OK! You got me- I call myself that!)
*Donkey cock! (long story but was approached by a woman who asked if I fancied a fuck as I looked like I had a cock the size of a donkey!!)
*Supadyke (cos I saved a woman from drowning)

I love my nicknames- some more than others! So come on tell me what some of yours are and why?!! Share please do.......


Lemonpillows said...

Lemonpillows. Lemon. Lemonie. LP. Prawn. Prawnie. Donkey. Brainiac. Sweetness (when she wants something). Spud (when I was a kid. There was a 'snagger' too- my best friend. It means potato and turnip). French. (there was a saunders-another friend). Flower. Babes. Bugger lugs -mrs pillows has just discovered that one and loves using it. Sir snoozealot. Daisy may. Quite a few over the years!

Running away with the Spoon said...

Sweet Pea, The Baby, = what my Daddy called me; "The Girl with the Curl in the Middle of her Forehead" by my older sibs (it's the start of a short rhyme that ends with the word "horrid", hardly true)...then as an adult, just a few: Patsy Cline, Baby Girl, Baby Bird, Pokey (I dawdle)...

QueerRose said...

You left "monkey" off your list Boo! With love from Baby Boo. AKA QRx

Anonymous said...

As always, my favorite. Bitch :-D

saintchick said...

Um here it goes..
Midget (I'm 4'11)
Sneaky Smurf
Pouty Mouth
Curly-hair bitch ( quite found of this one )

C said...

erm OK.....

in high school= puddles (cuz when i laugh TOO hard, i've been known to get a little leaky.... ;)

zezette, zette, zetski, (my family called me this when i was little. there was a program in montreal similar to our "bewitched" and the little girl in it was called that... it means little pest)

hon, honey, baby, pumpkin, dear, babe, sweetheart, honeysucklechuckletits (diane's fave) bitch, mommy, C, chris, christine, chrissy, wench,
"knocked kneed knackered old nose bag" (diane refers to herself as this and to me as this when our age shows our bodily aches and pains)

i cant think of any more..

C thanks, twas fun....

my word verif. is "excon"

hahahahaha no