Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Q's and Boo's Great Escape!

Postcards from the Edge...

No! This is not Boo & QR!

Lovely to exchange my army boots for sandals!

Love a bit of rock exploring...

Here we are in Spain- staying in my mom's apartment having made "The Great Escape". QR really needed a break- some "kicking back" and "doing nothing" time (See her blog for more details). I'm trying (very I'm told!) to stay out of her face and behave myself- we'll see!
As for Boo- well I'm heading for a very stressful time in my work. I love my job- I manage a support service for 350 vulnerable elders- I have a staff team of 30 and the contract has just been given to a different company. We'll all get taken over to the new company but you can bet that there will be massive cost saving exercises and little if no autonomy. I'm hoping that it won't affect the service but I do feel responsible for the service users and staff.
So here I am in Spain charging up my batteries ready for the many steep climbs ahead.
Onwards and Upwards! (can't wait to get the puppy mid May I hope)


reeflightning said...

enjoy the sunshine you two! hope you find smooth seas in your new situation boo.

Anonymous said...

OOOhhh nice getaway. Enjoy!! Good luck at your job, it seems like an infection that is affecting all jobs.

Jennie said...

beautiful pictures!

and yes..

Onward seems to be the key..


QueerRose said...

BB you have been quite norty today and will pay for it tonight! Can't wait!!!

Oh and by the way - you are tagged.


QueerRose said...

My dear Boo, I just popped back to say a couple of things for the record. I know that we've talked about what's going at your work but it felt proper to say something here.
Your many readers won't know that, with you at the helm, your service has changed beyond recognition. Previously, it let down both staff and vulnerable clients and in the hands of the present company it would revert to just that without your input. So, as you know al too well, the contract being moved to another organisation will be the best thing for staff and clients.
You've been able to turn the service around because you have the welfare of vulnerable people at heart and are an amazingly skilled people manager. This isn't just the view of a besotted girfriend - your reputation in the field speaks volumes. Love always

C said...

awwwww that was so nice from QR...
you lucky lil clover to get to travel all over europe like that.
i am jealous.
when my diane lived in england still, its where she is from, manchester..
she traveled all over too. itly, france, greece, turkey, ireland, germany, etc... yeah, she was lucky.

good luck with work. sounds like you know what to do but most importantly, you have the heart to make a difference.


saintchick said...

Beautiful shots.. you and QR should enjoy this and each other. Ya'll have surely earned it !

Leo MacCool said...

gorgeous photos. i'm a bit envious in fact! good luck with work, and please post lots of pics & stories about your new puppy for the vicarious pleasure of your dog-less readership.

lemonpillows said...

Looks gorgeous :)

Squirty said...

Ohh it looks like an amazing time!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am going to poke around yours for a bit.

osc. said...

sorry, i don't want to be a prick, BUT you need to change a few things in your profile. check:

# The Thief his wife her cook his lover --> The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover (never mind the caps)

# any Almavador film --> any Almodovar film of charge.

thanks again for commenting on my blogue!


Queen Vixen said...

It looks brill. A bit of sunshine -can really understand the 'charge up the batteries' thing. Sounds like you have a tough old job.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog! A breath of fresh air. Will keep calling by from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing them. I'm so happy that you're getting some much needed quiet time together. Good for you!

Dar said...

Great shots! I love the eldery couple, each with their own bald spot,and the sparrow. BTW, that QueerRose is sure smitten with you, isn't she? (Big Grin)