Thursday, 2 October 2008

I like driving in my cab

it's not quite a Jaguar....

but my Dermy is lovely. Don't tell a soul but I love to sneak in and out of the bus lanes and through the congestion charging zone and get away with it.
Everyone's so much nicer on the roads to you when they think you're a cabbie and then ofcourse there's the added bonus of women waving at me as I go by!

Some black cab facts:

it's called a cab after the word "cabriolet"- which tranlslated means jumping goat. In the olden days cabs were horse drawn and looked just like jumping goats on the cobbled stoned streets in London Town. The term "Hackney" cab comes from the French word "hacquenee" which translated means general purpose horse. In 1625 there were 20 cabs in London.

They have to be able to turn within 25ft to turn into taxi ranks, and be high enough inside to comfortably allow gentlemen to sit inside wearing bowler hats!
I'm pleased to say I have had no bowler wearing gentlemen in my Dermy so far!

Only 1% of London cabbies are women. Shame!

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QueerRose said...

Looking forward to our next outing xxx