Thursday, 2 October 2008

Pig's Medicine Cabinet

You'll need to keep a few instruments, medicines and dressings, for emergencies:
* Thermometer
*A pair of rounded scissors
*10ml Arplex plastic syringe (re-usable)
*17 gauge x 3" or 1"
*Cotton wool
*Calamine lotion
*Pig oil
*Liquid paraffin
*Surgical spirit
*Multi vitamins
*Bar of ex-lax chocolate
*Erysipalas Vaccine
*Wormer injection
*Wound powder and antiseptic cream
*Crude disinfectant
Also- Ear notching pliers, ear tattooing set, nose rings and toe pliers
So my pig keeping days won't be as easy as I initially thought!


QueerRose said...

While you're mucking out the pigs I'll be scantily clad in the kitchen getting your tea ready xxx

femmeismygender said...

I'll be raising my chickens in the neighbouring hamlet when you chaps fancy some company :-)

Butch Boo said...

That's be lovely femmeismygender! I will look up what you'll need in the medicine cabinet for the chickens! Doubt you'll need pig oil.

Unwelcome Sound said...

I have three pigs and have none of the things you listed. They are perfectly healthy and love life!

Butch Boo said...

I'm Jealous unwelcome sound!! What are their names?!

Unwelcome Sound said...

Their names are Rosie, Ginger and Snorker [pronounced very oddly, my dad named it]. They are Tamworths, and very funny to watch as they root around the field and fight.