Friday, 3 October 2008

Storming Norm

He was massive! Humungous! Built like a brick shit house- all 30 stone of him.

We met him in a church- the verger had very kindly agreed to open up for us- it was late, an eery night and really quite spooky in the candlelight. Me and Wend approached him- he sat on the floor as he couldn't fit onto the pews.

He had a chubby red wintered face, a nervous smile and a chubby sausage handshake.

Norman told us he'd been kipping out for 4 years after he'd been kicked out for stealing from his folks. He'd got a few habits and one of them he said was compulsive gambling which had destroyed him. Norm told us he'd been bullied for as long as he could remember, he preferred to hide away from people as all they did was hurt him.

Wend and I met Norm several times over the next few weeks in the church- we built up a good rapport and gained his trust. We arranged for a place to take him- a small, quiet, supportive hostel in Marylebone. We reassured him- it was only 18 bedrooms- most of the people there were old and he wouldn't have any trouble.

Norm was keen to move in though he had a question first. "Is there anywhere for me to hang my harness?" With that Norm pulled out a massive leather harness from his duffle bag, along with a rubber basque, bondage gear including cuffs and a whip. "I especially like dominant women" he said. With that Wend and I sat as submissively as possible! I wished I wasn't wearing my leather bikers jacket and we set forth to Marylebone with Norm and duffle bag in tow.

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QueerRose said...

Lovely account of one of your amazing experiences